A320 Pilot Handbook : Color Version

A320 Pilot Handbook : Color Version

Book Title: A320 Pilot Handbook : Color Version

Author: Mike Ray

Format: Paperback | 410 pages

Publication Date: 13 Apr 2013

ISBN-13: 9781484079225

If you are either an Airbus-driver or a serious flight simmer, this collection of information is something that should pique your interest. Learning to understand and operate one of the world's most complex machines is a tall request from a simple book like this ... and Captain Mike Ray is up to the task. His treatment of the airplane systems and operational techniques is written in an interesting and entertaining way ... and makes learning the difficult and complex ... well, almost easy. This over 400 page document is lavishly illustrated in full color to take advantage of the increased learning potential in the use of color. There can be no doubt that the Airbus A320 is a color driven systems airplane and this book attempts to take full advantage of the use of color in describing and illustrating the operations of the airplane systems and controls. Whatever price penalty is incurred in the purchasing of this color volume is well worth the investment in increased learning potential.