Day of the Dachshund

Day of the Dachshund

Book Title: Day of the Dachshund

Author: Ryan Beauchesne

Format: Hardback | 152 pages

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2017

ISBN-13: 9781493027552

A visually heartwarming tribute capturing the rare charm of the silliest and most beloved breeds-the one and only dachshund.

What breed is sillier than the dachshund? None. With their low, elongated bodies, soulful eyes, and truly ridiculous proportions, dachshunds always look like they're telling a joke. Their owners get the joke, so they do things like organize everything from the annual Dachshund Parade in New York's Washington Square Park to the Weenie Run in Memphis, where hundreds of Dachshunds show up to rejoice in their dachshundhood. In a gift-friendly hardcover, Jim Dratfield combines great photographs with delightfully clever quips to celebrate the endless charm of this unlikely breed.