Book Title: Brood

Author: Adam Kay

Format: Hardback | 322 pages

Publication Date: 19 Nov 2018

ISBN-13: 9781643505695

Brood is the true life account of an ordinary family who left the beautiful foothills and valleys of Mt. Judea, Arkansas, (commonly referred to as "Judy" for anyone who has a link to its past) and headed south into unfamiliar territories. This new world, also known as the great state of Texas, offered more suitable farming lands and the promise of a better future. With all earthly possessions stowed in covered wagons, the adventure began. Hope and happiness quickly turned to worry and fear as World War II dropped its uncertainties on the thresholds of homes already struggling to survive. The Heffley family was not immune to the sufferings of war. They did, however, summon the strength and determination to press on. While placing their deepest faith in God, they held tightly to each other. Today letters from another side of the world stamped "Air Mail" that were once received with hope and fear now lie in dresser drawers, their words fading. Photos, often removed, kissed and replaced, now crinkle with age without proper care. So many stories with so many characters, run the risk of being lost forever. Brood believes these family memories must be preserved and passed down to our children, grandchildren, and future generations. Brood is a collection of one family's most cherished memories that just might inspire you to discover, share, and celebrate your own family's history.