Indonesian Kitchen

Indonesian Kitchen

Book Title: Indonesian Kitchen

Author: Sri Owen

Format: Paperback | 160 pages

Publication Date: 16 Nov 2011

ISBN-13: 9781844769926

This is a stunning collection of recipes that capture the essence of the cuisine, from much-loved classics such as Indonesian Deep-fried Spring Rolls and Festive Yellow Rice to more unusual dishes including Tamarind Pickled Beef and Spicy Trip Soup with Lemon Grass and Lime. It provides an informative introduction that explores the rich history, diverse culture, ingredients and cooking techniques of the Indonesian people. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful picture of the finished dish, as well as step-by-step instructions to ensure perfect results are achieved every time. Complete nutritional information is provided for every recipe to help you plan a healthy and balanced menu, with cook's tips and variations to encourage experimentation Indonesia is an extraordinary place made up of thousands of islands. Across the five main islands that are inhabitable, there is a distinct cuisine that reflects the vast ethnicity of the people that live there. This book begins with a fascinating introduction, which is followed by a useful guide to ingredients ranging from rice and noodles to fish and spices.
This book then features over 70 authentic recipes that capture the essence of Indonesian cooking, such as Catfish with a Spicy Coconut Sauce and Unripe Papaya Soup. There are also delicious sweet snacks and drinks to try, such as Sticky Coconut Crepes and Avocado Juice. Every recipe is accompanied by step-by-step photographs, a mouthwatering image of the finished dish, and full nutritional information to help with any dietary needs. This inspiring book is the ideal introduction to the fabulous cuisine of Indonesia.